​Big Flats Fire Department

Protecting the Citizens of the Town of Big Flats

We spend an extensive amount of time training and honing our. skills as firefighters and medical response personnel.  Our department holds training drills twice per month and we train to NFPA and OSHA requirements. We specialize in water and ice rescue, due to the Chemung River crossing through our district, as well as having several areas of open water in the town and surrounding areas. We are also part of the local Airport Task Force, a group of four departments surrounding the airport, which responds to all aircraft emergencies at the Elmira/Corning Regional Airport, assisting the airport fire department’s ARFF truck. We participate in FAA-mandated full airport disaster drills held by the airport every three years, as well as tabletop drills held in-between. Our department is also involved with specialized services, such  as hazardous materials response.