We would like to invite you to participate in our activities throughout the entire year, as well as during fire prevention week.

If you would like a station tour, classroom training, or for us to visit your group, please contact us at the address below to set up your date and time. The station tour includes a short video on fire prevention and safety, hands on tour of the facility, apparatus, and equipment, and if weather permits, we will set up the truck and let you flow water with the hoses.
These tours usually take 45–60 minutes if the class size averages 25–30 people participating. If you would like for us to visit you, we will bring a short video (approx. 15 min.), followed by a brief question & answer session, and time and weather permitting, the group can participate in a hands-on session with the fire gear and apparatus.

We can also customize a presentation for your group based on your request (Contact us for more information). We also offer fire extinguisher training to your group or organization.
If you would like more information regarding any of our services please leave a message at (607) 562–3063.


​Big Flats Fire Department

Protecting the Citizens of the Town of Big Flats

Every year in October, we recognize national Fire Prevention Week by visiting schools and organizations as well as holding classroom and station tour sessions at our fire house.

We also hold our annual open house to coincide with this week. We encourage all community organizations and citizens to get involved with us during this time, as well as throughout the year, to learn and practice fire safety in their homes and businesses.